President’s Speech

A beacon of hope for social progress and a better society.

Rather than what society has given me, I think of what I can contribute to society. In this direction, I have been involved in many public service works. I am devoted to serve with high dedication and commitment.Having brought up witnessing and experiencing the inequality, marginalisation and discrimination in the system, I was determined to advocating for social justice, striving for equality, and raise my voice is against illiteracy, untouchability, superstition and corruption that plague the country’s development. I am blessed to be involved in creating awareness among others by portraying the benefits of the system’s progress.Aiming at all these aspects, reaching out to the common people and delivering government philanthropic schemes that are aiming to bring the beneficiaries to mainstream, my concerted effort in this direction is a sincere effort to make it a success.

So as to meet the purpose, I have started Kalabandhu Foundation, a non-governmental organization as the founder president. I am leading a team of likemindedwell-wishers. Kalabandhu Foundation has progressed through diverse activities over the past several years. People are being reached out through various activities on education, health, environment, skill development, etc., as per our mission. The foundation has found a base and is expanding as a conscious voice in the country’s art, culture, landand water issues. It is satisfying to taking steps in achieving the intended goal without engaging in the business of profit and loss of any sort.

I have distinguished myself in theatre activities as an artist, director, and music composer. Providing opportunities to budding talents, students, and young people. Apart from this, I am continuing the organized struggle in the association of many selfless fighters, intellectuals, artists and writers who are concerned about the people by engaging in various social activities.Mainly in the field of media, I have started Kalabandhu Regional Kannada Daily as an editor and publisher and have been publishing it uninterruptedly.It inspires me that Kalabandhu has gained credibility in the regional media and is getting good response from the readers. I have also been active in the welfare of journalists by founding the Association of Small and Medium Newspaper Editors and holding the responsibility of its chairmanship and fighting for their rights.

I grew up in a poor middle-class artists’ family and was educated in government schools till PU. Realizing the family’s financial problem, I had to work from an early age. Although I knew the importance of education, I could not get higher education. For me, the life experience earned in the companionship of Gurus and elders and participating in cultural activities became an education for me.

I have personally experienced the plight of economically backward people educated in government schools. To address this, through Kalabandhu Foundation, I am working towards the goal of encouraging the education of students in government schools in rural and urban areas. Apart from distributing learning materials, scholarships, talent awards, and financial assistance to the students, I have been working on organizing various extra-curricular competitions and awarding prizes and certificates of appreciation to them.

Apart from organizing events, I am also encouraging planting and nurturing saplings to inculcate environmental love among students and young people.Awareness campaign on pollution control is advancing. Students are being provided with an awareness of sports, art, cultural activities, and patriotism along with traditional education. Various awareness activities have been undertaken to realize the plans of the governments in water, air, and land conservation, which are the contribution of natural livelihood, which gives immense satisfaction as a citizen.

Kalabandhu Foundation has provided all possible assistance to the victims during the period of the Covid-19 pandemic that has hit the world like never before. Apart from this, the medical expenses of the poor and helpless are being supported. The programs on creating awareness about the importance of health are continuing. Skill development training is being provided for various self-employment opportunities by identifying those who have not received much education due to poverty. Activities and training programs are being organized for the economic self-sufficiency of unemployed women.

Kalabandhu Foundation has received an 80G Income Tax Exemption from the Government of India and NitiAayog, Darpan. Meanwhile, I have started the Kalabandhu YouTube channel. Further, we have planned to start a news channel through our own organization and establish an old age home for the helpless, and preparations have been made in this direction. I request that we always have your encouragement, cooperation, and guidance. Let us strive for the progress of the country, help the helpless, and comfort the afflicted. It is a sincere request to you to join hands as a guide and help the social-oriented and pro-people activities of our organization and let us all work hard as a light of hope for the progress and equality of the country and a better society.

Yours faithfully,